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Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin Program

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Streamline Your Business Export Process 

Our certificate of origin program can help your business in many ways.  

First, it provides a recognized and official document that verifies the country of origin of the goods being exported. This can help your business to demonstrate compliance with international trade regulations and qualify for reduced tariffs or other trade benefits. 

Additionally, the certificate of origin program can enhance the credibility and reputation of your business, as it assures importers that the goods have been manufactured or processed in a specific country. This can make it easier for you to access new markets and attract potential customers. 

By participating in the Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin program, you can take advantage of the expertise and support of the Chamber in navigating complex international trade regulations and requirements.  

This can ultimately save you time and resources for your business, as you can rely on the Chamber's knowledge and assistance in obtaining and managing the necessary documentation for exporting your goods. 

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Provide The Best for Your Employees 

Join the Southern Warren County Chamber of Commerce and your employees will gain access to benefits including insurance, a worker’s comp discount, and more!  

We are happy to serve you through our extensive Chamber of Commerce employee benefits programs outlined above.

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