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Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group

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Connect & Grow With Our YP Group 

The Southern Warren Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals group's mission is to promote a community that attracts and retains young professionals between the ages of 18-45 in the Morrow/Mainville area. 
Our efforts focus on connecting individuals to their community through social, professional development, and charitable endeavors.

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Our Young Professionals Group’s Core Values include: 

  • Community - To be active in making a positive impact on the community through
    social events, charitable services, professional efforts, and engaging activities. 
  • Connection - To connect young, like-minded individuals and their
    community through professional and practical experiences. 
  • Development - To contribute to the growth of members and other young adults
    in the community by creating and offering a variety of personal and professional development opportunities. 
  • Empowerment - To be influential in motivating and inspiring young adults to
    reach their full potential by building confidence and empowering individuals to learn and grow while staying true to themselves.

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